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About me

I’m Tiia, an artist and illustrator, originally from Finland and currently living in Brussels. I have been creating artwork all my life – from aquarelle paintings to digital illustrations, coloring books and clothing collections.

My creative process starts with the deeper motivation to offer something good for our planet in these times of multiple problems, that we as humanity should find a way to solve. We all have different qualities that we could enhance and offer for the benefit of our surroundings. I have found art and creativity as means to raise awareness as well as to direct resources to action that can enhance environmental protection, women empowerment, and freedom of choice for the people. 

As a role model, I'm inspired by the artwork of the Buddhist practitioner Tulku Khyungdor Rinpoche, who is offering a gateway to get in touch with natural state of being and show that we are part of something bigger. This kind of way of doing artwork is also the deepest inspiration that is pushing me forward to paint.

I find inspiration of the beauty of life around us – nature with its richness, powerful women, urban landscape and spaces with harmony in the city, and everyday moments and human encounters. All with colors.

I’m selling my paintings, prints, post card sets and much more and create them on request in Brussels. I do digital illustrations and mixture of digital and aquarelles. Time to time I also participate to local artisanal markets. I donate all profits for actions that can make a positive change for our home Earth. 


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Brussels - Germany - Finland - Nepal

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