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The purpose

All profits from the artwork are donated for the purposes to protect life, empower women and to support the freedom of choice of people. The planet Earth that we all share has its limits. To restore environment, preserve natural resources and local biodiversity, we need environmental education and awareness raising across the globe. Art can be an efficient tool for that purpose.

By buying my artwork you are supporting the educational and environmental projects of Akasha Academy, a global institute for integrated education. The donations collected are supporting an education program in Nepal, Akasha Traineeship, for young women in Kathmandu Valley, to empower them and to teach basic skills on health care, environment and  society - and enhance their freedom of choice.


Besides the work in Nepal the global vision of Akasha Academy is to create pathways for the survival of life on our planet, based on Universal Ethics. If you got inspired, you can get in touch with me for further information or support with a direct donation.

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